Looking up at architecture - Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth has been a regular visit for me for the past two years, the main attractions being the two pence machines and donuts. These of course being available in other Norfolk coast towns, however my choice of Yarmouth being its reputation and the visual difference in comparison to others attraction. It goes without saying that Yarmouth is not the most well dressed part of Norfolk, and has a reputation that some may avoid it for. It seems however that this reputation is likely to improve in the coming decades, with the council setting to rejuvenate the seafront from derelict buildings back to the original hustle and bustle of a tourist town in competition with other nation seaside attractions.

The photos that I've captured are to document the town in what I believe will be it's last few years of 'pre-development', which I must say, after visiting again with the knowledge of the plans for the town, there is an aura of anticipation.

Deck chair rental shed, brightly decorated - Yarmouth Seafront

Deck chair rental shed, brightly decorated - Yarmouth Seafront

The empty sea front during winter shows off the potential of the beach and promenade, sweeping sands and amenities. This shed providing an immediate draw to the beach from the main road, was a small glimmer of the summer.

My regular accompaniment on trips where there are fun things to do, modelling the intricate benches on the beach walk.

The top of Atlantis Arena tower, recently purchased by a London investor with an attachment to Yarmouth from his youth. The arena has been subject to a half a million pound investment and renovation to turn it's reputation of a 'fight club', into a leisure centre for all ages, including bars, clubs, soft play area and casino.

This being a game changer for the reputation for Yarmouth, one of its main attractions being changed from a declining business to a forward thinking hub for the entire of the town.


One of the most famous attractions of Great Yarmouth, the Winter Gardens, has been derelict for a number of years. Before its closure it had been used as a family leisure centre and before that as a roller skating rink, family leisure facility and also as a polling station.

The building was originally constructed in Torquay, however the council in Yarmouth bought the building and shipped it to Yarmouth at the turn of the 20th century. It was known as a glass palace, being lit up with hundreds of bulbs around the frame of the building. In its current state it is likely to require a massive refurbishment, judged to be at around £3million, which we are likely to see the start of before the end of the decade.

The Windmill Theatre originally constructed in 1911, however is now home to an indoor adventure golf course. One of the many theatres and arenas originally built in the glory days of the town.

Located behind the nicknamed 'Golden Mile', the Yarmouth Hippodrome was built in 1903 and has played host to multiple circuses in it's long history. It is still the only permanent circus in the UK.

The rejuvenation of the seafront is expected to be moving forward by 2020, with multiple buildings being repurposed or brought back from dereliction. Adika Photography will be following the changes within Great Yarmouth in the future, and is hoping for a change from the declining town back towards the main seaside attraction of Norfolk.