Who is Adika Photography?

Hi, I'm Ben

Norfolk born and bred, perfectionist, photography lover, film buff and sarcasm enthusiast. I've been a photographer for over ten years, and have created passable images for the past four. What went through landscapes, macro, HDR, panoramic and now into architecture all started when my dad said; "Ben, do you want a camera?", and my ten year old self of course replied, "Yes, Yes!".

Why Architecture?

On my first ever visit to Berlin, Germany, I was overwhelmed with the range of architecture there (on top of the amazing city it is anyway). The first instinct I had upon getting there was to look up. I found the buildings to be stunning, ranging from classical and gothic towards the contemporary new builds currently in progress, all with a brilliant history behind them. This is what spurred my interest into architecture and ever since I have captured and learnt about the buildings around me and afar. Either that or my OCD for straight lines has crept into my photography.


Adika Photography is focussed towards capturing the buildings, landscapes and areas that interest me, telling the story of how and why they were constructed and who by. Adika also follows developments mostly in the Norfolk area and their development.